Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joining REDGAGE Is Enjoyable


I wish I had known Redgage when I just found the amazing world of the internet 2 years ago. Instead, what I first came across were some websites that advertised that they will pay when you click or read emails. Being so naive, I did that for 1 whole year, religiously clicking and reading and never ever received any payment!

With REDGAGE, you get paid for what you do online! Redgage pays you for the content you create. It pays you based on the value of the content you created that is measured by its popularity.

It is enjoyable to join REDGAGE. It gives you the power to share your photos, blogs,videos,links and documents in one place. REDGAGE will import your contents from your  other online accounts like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger,etc. automatically so you need not regularly log in on Redgage.

Besides paying you for the content you create, REDGAGE has the daily contest! You earn points based on your daily activities. Your points will be converted into raffle tickets. One winner will win $25 for the daily contest. $50 is the prize for the weekly raffle. Finally, $200 for one winner of the month end raffle!

With REDGAGE, I aim to upload better photos, better blogs, videos and other links. That way, I will maximize my earnings at REDGAGE. Why don't you join me here at REDGAGE?  You will enjoy it here and besides, it is FREE to join.